‘Tis the season  – and it’s time to start thinking of gifts for your favorite tennis player.  Not sure what to get this season?   Here are my top three ideas for this holiday season. 

1)      The Perfect Racquet

Buying the perfect racquet as a gift is a daunting task.  There are so many brands and types of racquets available.  How to choose?  Well, here is a great way to buy a racquet, making sure it is the right one for your tennis all-star.  Let the person at the shop know what racquet your player has now.  The shop attendant will be able to tell you which new racquets are similar.  Give the gift unstrung and let the gift recipient demo various racquets.  Then, if the recipient likes a different racquet,  return the gift racquet for the more desired one.  .  Keep in mind, ProAm Tennis will take a racquet return as long as the plastic wrapping is still in the handle and the cardboard label is on the head.

2) The All-in-One Racquet Bag

This is a fun and creative way to get the perfect gift.  First, start with a tennis bag.  Backpacks have been very popular lately.  Look at the tennis accessory wall and find some great small items to fill the bag.  Thinking about what the person will NEED on court.  Avoid items that are useless or seasonal.  A few ideas are overgrips, replacement grips, wristbands, socks, rosin bag or bottle, tacky towel, court towel, vibration damper, ball holder, and tennis balls. 

3) The Good Ol’ Gift Card

Getting a gift card is the easiest and most convenient of all gifts.  It gives the recipient the opportunity to use it for a variety of items of his/het own choosing.  Gift cards equivalent to 3 or 4 string jobs are very popular at ProAm Tennis.  

Those are my top three gift ideas for the holidays this year.  If you have any other ideas feel free to contact me at  Happy Holidays!

What are the Best Strings and Rackets for Tennis Elbow?

I get this question on a daily basis. Tennis players come into the shop holding their forearm asking what they can do to prevent tennis elbow or how to get rid of it. Around 40% of tennis players will get tennis elbow sometime during their playing career. I’m not a doctor and can’t recommend a certain treatment for tennis elbow but I do know that the best way to reduce the inflammation and pain is to REST! It is extremely hard to get rid of TE if you do not let it heal completely.

There are some great racquets and strings available that can help prevent TE and is easy on the arm. None of these sticks or strings will stop TE. Before mentioning specific sticks or strings, let’s understand the basic causes of TE and the effects your equipment can have on it. .

In striking the tennis ball, there are two main factors that can hurt the arm – shock and torque.

Shock: When the ball makes contact on the strings (and sometimes the frame) it produces a vibration (shock). You will get a vibration every time you hit the ball and some of the shock is transmitted to the arm. In some cases the shock is so great that it can do damage to the arm.

Torque: Unless your name is Roger, you will hit some balls off center. This causes the racket to twist (torque). If this twist is repeated too many times it will strain the arm.

So …. what type of equipment will help lessen the effects of the shock and torque?

When looking for an arm friendly racket here are some things to look for:
1) Overall heavier racket to help absorb the shock.
2) Headlight racket to put less stress on the arm.
3) Thinner and more flexible to absorb the shock.
4) Vibration Dampening System or Technology
5) A larger grip to help prevent torque

When looking for an arm friendly string here are some things you want to look for:
1) A thinner gauge.
2) A multifilament.
3) A more elastic string.
4) String at a lower tension.

Here are my top ten current rackets, both mid to mid plus sticks and oversize, and strings

Racket (Mid-Mid Plus)
10) Prince EXO3 Red
9) Head YouTEK IG Speed 315 (16×19)
8) Wilson Six.One BLX (16×19)
7) Babolat Aero Storm Tour GT
6) Solinco Pro 10
5) Head YouTEK Prestige Pro
4) Babolat Pure Storm Ltd GT
3) Wilson Six.One Tour 90 BLX
2) Solinco Tour 10
1) Prince EXO3 Tour 100 (16×19)

Racket (Oversize)
10) Babolat Over Drive 110
9) Head Radical OS
8) Babolat Pure Drive 107
7) Volkl Power Bridge 2
6) Wilson One BLX
5) Head Star Six
4) Prince EXO3 Silver
3) Wilson Stratus Three BLX
2) Prince EXO3 Blue
1) Volkl Powerbridge 1

Strings (not including guage)
10) Gamma TNT RX
9) Wilson Shock Shield
8) Wilson Sensation
7) Gamma Live Wire
6) Wilson NXT
5) Solinco Vanquish
4) Prince Premier LT
3) Wilson NXT Tour
2) Gamma Professional
1) Babolat VS Gut

If you have any questions regarding this article feel free to comment or send me an email at

Racket and String Presentation at Village Walk Country Club

ProAm Tennis did a demo day at Village Walk Country Club in Bonita Springs Florida. Before we started I wanted to introduce the members to what they should look for in a racket. I also talked about tennis elbow prevention.


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